Constituency Building – Our Process

How we go about Building Powerful Constituencies:

When an organization engages with us to support them in building a powerful constituency, the work generally takes place as follows:

  1. We identify the person or team involved in the constituency-building work, along with their goals.
  2. We analyze the constituency to be engaged and assess the opportunities and challenges to making this happen.
  3. We identify and develop the capacities you need to build a successful constituency.
  4. We develop a concrete plan that includes markers for success along the way.
  5. Regular strategy sessions allow us to see what you’re learning from the implementation of the plan by identifying
    • Successes and how to build on them to leverage more success
    • Real-time challenges with engaging the constituency
    • Skills and capacities within the team that need sharpening, and supporting you in developing those capacities
  6. We assess the success of the project at the defined end-point


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